Food Service

Tai Foong is one of the leading suppliers of fresh, frozen and value-added seafood to restaurants and foodservice operators. Our block, individually quick frozen (I.Q.F) and cooked shrimp products range in size from ½ count per pound to 300/500 count per pound.

Imported from around the world for your convenience and your customers’ enjoyment, our shrimp and seafood products are high quality and competitively priced. Our experienced sales representatives are pleased to provide you with professional advice to meet your growing business needs.

Portion Control

Careful control of the amount of food served to every consumer is essential for any restaurants’ profit margins. TFI’S HACCP and EU approved processing facility in Canada and overseas can supply a wide variety of fish fillets, fish steaks, and seafood grading to meet the portion control specifications of our foodservice customers.

Institutional Menus

We are all concerned about eating healthy, low-fat, high protein, nutritious meal. That is especially ture in Hospitals, Schools and Senior Care Facilities that aims to balance nutrition and cost. Fish is a great addition to any menu. Some fish and shellfish have been proven to be high in proteins, high in omega fatty acids, low in saturated fats, and rich in vitamins. TFI can supply you with a vast array of healthy, portion controlled fish products.