Fresh,Perfect Seafood

Time sensitive Japanese products are flown weekly to ensure freshness. TFI continuously source and purchase a wide variety of Japanese products from Japan and surrounding areas to keep our restaurant customers competitive.

Prompt Delivery Assures quality

Our extensive feet of refrigerated trucks can deliver to your restaurant daily for tour convenience. Talk to your sale representative for details.

Specialty products

TIF offers everything you would need to make tasty Japanese dishes. Take advantage of our extensive line of pantry and seafood products today!

Introducing Ama-ebi (cold water shrimp)

All Yutaka Ama-ebi are wild caught from the pristine, icy cold water of the North Atlantic. Each shrimp is hand-peeled, free of chemicals and preservatives, and frozen while at sea for optimal freshness. Yutaka Ama-ebi are sashimi grade and can be eaten raw. For a new taste experience, try our Yutaka Ama-ebi and include it in your menus.