Cooking Video with Oxhead x Thai Gold x DJ Simon Lau (Ah Cow) has launched

We invited well-known DJ Simon Lau, nicknamed “Ah Cow” from Sing Tao A1 Chinese Radio to create a cooking video introducing Oxhead Fragrant Rice and Thai Gold Fresh Frozen Shrimp, which are the in-house brands of TFI Foods. This time, “Ah Cow” acted as “Grandma Cow” teaches her daughter-in-law to cook Garlic Shrimp Claypot Rice at home. The cooking video has been uploaded on TFI Foods Facebook page which gained more than 7K views. Check out the video to learn more about Grandma Cow’s recommend – Garlic Shrimp Claypot Rice now!

• Oxhead brand
is the leading brands of Thai Jasmine Rice in North America. Oxhead branded Rice, the top quality of Thai Hom Mali Rice, is known for its superior nutty aroma and tenderness, which is less sticky than other rice varieties and high in fiber and nutrients.

• Thai Gold Shrimp
are tasty, fast-cooking and versatile, providing nutritious and rich protein to fit our daily meal plan. The firm and fresh frozen shrimps are perfect for all kind of recipes, especially in stir-fries, soups, salads, or any seafood dishes.

Oxhead and Thai Gold products are available in supermarkets. Contact us for more details and selling points.